Conference Overview: The Need for Dialogue


Measuring and evaluating corporate sustainability performance is an important undertaking that is garnering increased attention and focus in companies and with external stakeholders. Yet this effort remains a challenge for both parties.


What are the metrics that really matter?

As the number of external groups interested in measuring corporate sustainability performance has grown, so have the number of metrics and indicators these stakeholders are collectively tracking and seeking information on.


Simultaneously companies are determining their own sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs) based on internal drivers and priorities. A comparison of these internal KPI’s by NAEM and its more than 70 corporate members  revealed that what companies deem material to determining their progress doesn’t always align perfectly with external sustainability analytics firms’ metrics and indicators.  


Staying on target

Meanwhile the time and effort required by companies and their EHS and Investor Relations departments to collect and respond to the plethora of third party information requests is becoming a significant obstacle to performing their core job function of executing EHS and sustainability programs and responding to shareholder needs.


A common vision

Because of these converging circumstances, NAEM is hosting, “Measuring Corporate Sustainability: Understanding the Metrics that Matter,” in order to bring together members of the sustainability research and analytics community and the corporate practitioners responsible for reporting sustainability information for direct dialogue and learning.


With a common goal of moving toward better, more useful & streamlined measurements, this event is designed to provide both parties a better understanding of each other’s needs, priorities, and challenges.

Why Attend

In order to make your sustainability and CSR efforts drive real business value and garner attention from investors, EHS, sustainability and investor relations managers must understand the ESG landscape and develop a deliberate strategy for engaging with the ESG research community.


Measuring Corporate Sustainability will bring together EHS/Sustainability managers, ESG research firms and members of the investor relations community to learn and dialogue about ways to improve the consistency, clarity and value of corporate sustainability efforts. With a goal to build consensus on how to define and measure corporate sustainability, this event is designed to provide all parties a better understanding of each other’s needs, priorities, and challenges.

What Attendees Will Take-Away

This conference offers a unique insight into how companies develop sustainability metrics and how external firms measure sustainability and ESG performance.  Attendees at this event can expect to take away:

  • An understanding of the key ESG rating, ranking and research entities
  • A better understanding of key ESG research entities analysis processes and outputs
  • An understanding of what they should consider as they develop their corporate ESG reporting strategy
  • Tips for how to correct misinformation about your company with regards to it’s EHS and sustainability performance
  • Direct contacts at several of the ESG rating, ranking and research firms their company is evaluated by

Who is attending

  • Members of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings community
  • Corporate environmental, health and safety (EHS) and Sustainability mangers
  • Investment Relations mangers
  • Third party auditors/verifiers

View the conference agenda to learn more about the sessions, speakers and topics.

Our Marketing Partner - The National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) has partnered with NAEM in support of the Measuring Corporate Sustainability Conference.  With both EHS and investor relations managers tasked with reporting and managing corporate sustainability reputation, this conference brings these internal groups together for a direct dialogue on reporting initiatives.



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